Technical Training Program

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Besides that, the technical training program is more focus on product technical parts, which means that our technical trainer would be give a training to you on how to maintenance and service product electronic part and others for the customer. I say this because our customer will sign up on-site support which is 24 hours stand by to support maintenance service for them, so, you must know how to change the electronic part inside the product and how to give a good maintenance service to customer once they are facing something problems on the product. Other than that, we are also have provide technical training at foreign country for the technical employee every years. For instance, our company will be send a group of technical employee to foreign country to learn some high technical technology and bring it back and teach the others. Therefore, this training can improve the technical skills and knowledge for technical employee and develop our product technology. Well, sometimes we have some employee who want to learn some outsource program, example, IBM server learning course or Engineering Learning Course which is related to company business. This types of outsource program actually employee may propose it to management and let management to research and identify the detail of program, then get approval from Director and allocates fund to employee to attend the course.
Moreover, our company is most focus on sales volume in every years. For the sales employee, if we want to hit the sales target every years, then we must have a something technique to do it. So that, our company provide training program also included Sales Strategic Training program which for the purpose to develop our sales employee in sales strategic and technique...

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