Technical Teacher Essay

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Morgan Marino Mrs. DeCarvalho English 11 14 March 2014 The Needs and Demands of a Technical Teacher Technical education has evolved over the last hundred years corresponding with the expansion of society, technology, and the everchanging workplace requirements. Today’s economic situation demands better trained individuals to successfully acquire a steady job in modern technologically advanced workplaces. Naturally, when a better education is being sought, educators are needed to guide these individuals into the world of job skills and complex knowledge needed to thrive in everyday work-related situations. As society and technology has developed, the demand for technical education has increased as well. Part of being a technical educator is successfully meeting daily duties. The adversity in tech schools calls for a variety of teaching techniques that will properly suit each student’s work skills and personality. It is the job of an educator to provide easy-to-understand notes and information regarding the specific area of study. Technical educators must demonstrate the proper behavior and attitude their students will need to have in the work place. In May 2012 the median annual wage for a technical educator was roughly $52,000 (“Summary”). According to Stephen Cardoso (electronic technician/technical educator at Davies Career and Technical High School) in 1988 his starting salary was about $28,000. Cardoso stated his current salary is at about $75,000. Annual tech-teacher’s salaries slightly vary depending on the school district, due to the cost of living in that area and the ranking status of the school. Also, the benefits educators receive include medical and dental insurance as well as vision coverage. Educators are also e... ... middle of paper ... ...structors to teach them has increased sufficiently as well. Being an educator isn’t just about going to work and giving out information to students. Being an educator is about setting an example, being a friend, and being the helping hand student’s need to thrive in today’s economy. Especially when teaching a technical area, a technical education instructor has more responsibilities as they have to ensure that their student’s learn every last bit of information needed to be successful in today’s workplace. Technical education is the basis for future education programs all across the globe, and being a technical teacher is vital to a successful future for everyone. Each and everyday the world of technology is advancing so newer, up-to-date material is being inserted into education plans in schools all over, thus the demand for technical educators is always advancing.
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