Technical Environment For A Mobile Health Implementation In Ghana

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It is generally agreed that Mobile Health, also known as mHealth, is a component of eHealth. According to a article, eHealth is a term that can encompass a range of services or systems that are at the edge of medicine/healthcare and information technology. , These are Electronic health records, Telemedicine, Consumer health informatics, Health knowledge management, Virtual healthcare teams, Medical research using Grids, Healthcare Information Systems and mHealth. [6]

At the 2010 mHealth Summit of the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health, mHealth was define as “the delivery of healthcare services via mobile communication devices.” [6] This rather simplistic definition does not specify what kind of devices nor does it indicate which means of communication these mobile devices use.

A much more comprehensive definition is one which was published in the GOe series volume 3 in 2011 which defines mHealth as “medical and public health practice supported by mobile devices, such as mobile phones, patient monitoring devices, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and other wireless devices”. This document went on to say that “mHealth involves the use and capitalization on a mobile phone’s core utility of voice and short messaging service (SMS) as well as more complex functionalities and applications including general packet radio service (GPRS), third and fourth generation mobile telecommunications (3G and 4G systems), global positioning system (GPS), and Bluetooth technology.”[7]

mHealth appears to achieve a more remarkable result in low-income countries where infrastructures such as transportation, electricity and Hospitals seem to be lagging behind the mobile telecommu...

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