Teamwork In A Orginisation

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Part of every individual’s life is being part of teams. In your career nothing will be different. It’s something that will be part of your life, at every stage of your career. Working in teams has both advantages and disadvantages to it. Teams consist of a group of 3 – 12 people who have the same goals at mind. They will communicate: verbally and nonverbally, and everyone will play a specific role in the team. They will all be able to give there opinion and also listen to the other’s opinion. Working as a team has a lot of advantages to it - It will lead to a number of individuals having different perspectives on a given issue. Therefore a number of solutions and ideas for a problem will be available and the team can make a decision on what be best solution to the problem would be. - Working in a team, there will often be motivation for individuals not to let the team down. - There will also be support from more experienced member who can help and mentor the less experienced members of the team. - When a team is able to work well together the accomplish more than individuals can...

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