Teammates of Performance Enhancing Drug Users Have No Rights to Their Unearned Medals

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In an article by Michael Gonchar it said, “Lance Armstrong was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles last week after the International Cycling Union decided that he was a ringleader of a doping program on his winning cycling team. Armstrong was a heroic figure for many, not just because of his cycling feats, but also because he is a cancer survivor and the founder of the highly respected Livestrong cancer foundation,” (Gonchar). Many children when beginning a sport have an idol they look up to and want to be just like. Mine was Alina Kabaeva. Alina was a Russian Rhythmic Gymnast who won 2 gold medals at the 2000 and 2004 Olympic Games. I fell in love with her performance when watching the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. That year she won bronze for All-around. Little did I know the next year she would test positive for a banned anabolic steroid Diuretic Furosemide. This caused me to feel like I could not be as good as her without some form of illegal substance. Despite teammates’ emotional attachment to the medals they have won, authorities should take their medals away because the team would not have won the title if the other member was not using the Performance Enhancing Drug. Any type of artificial substance that an athlete takes can be considered as a Performance Enhancing Drug. There are several different classes and each one has a unique effects and side effects. Some of the classes Performance Enhancing Drugs that are commonly used are: lean mass builders, stimulants, painkillers, sedatives, diuretics, boosters, and masking drugs (Wikipedia). Within each of these types of P.E.D.’s there are different drugs. Some may wonder what these classes are. Lean Mass Builders drive or amplify the growth of musc... ... middle of paper ... ...ones' relay teammates not about to surrender medals. 15 April 2008. 4 October 2013. . NCAA. NCAA. 2013 June 5. Web. 2013 December 3. The International Olympic Committee Anti-Doping Rules applicable to the Games of the XXIX Olympiad, Beijing 2008. n.d. 9 September 2013. . Staff, Mayo Clinic. Performance-enhancing drugs: Know the risks. 2 December 2012. Web. 3 December 2013. United States Olympic Committee. Testimony of Jim Scherr. 27 February 2008. 26 September 2013. . Wikipedia. Performance Enhancing Drugs. 13 September 2013. 13 September 2013. .

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