Team Work

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Team Work This about how to work with groups and other team members, most of the time it is hard to do but with our jobs nowadays we have to do what we have to do. I like working with others for the most part, especially when they are motivated in getting the job done in a timely manner. Then we have some that just don’t want to help but want everybody else to do their work for them. Working in groups you will have to know who is who and what they like to do, and then you can do what it is that has to be done for that group. Group dynamics is when we interact with all groups involved with the project. (Chapter 1, pg 1 joining together; group theory and group skills 10th edition). With group dynamics we can learn about how a person thinks and work, if we can do that the group can function better with all parties involved. It is very important that we get to know everyone in the group, so that everyone knows their place within it. Knowledge is power and we all need power when working with a group. Interdependence is good to have when working with a group, because if one person cannot do something then someone else may be able to handle that problem. Interdependence is power and when working with a group that is what we need. Most of the time you can influence someone to do something and then they can do the same thing to another person. Power is what you need when you work with others. If a person has social skills and like to work with people then they will do just fine in a group. Social interdependence becomes positive interdependence when members of the group determine that the group’s goals will be reached if everyone within the group has the ability to reach their goals as well. This idealistic thinking can promote a ... ... middle of paper ... ... way, and she needs to talk to her foster grandmother about it. I told the grandmother that she needs some counselor for some therapy. The little girl was only ten at the time of her mother’s death, and when she came home from school she found her house on fire and her mom on the inside. When working with teams you should make sure that all of the workers are someone that you can trust with the work that has to be done. Working in teams is very hard but that is something that we all have to do at one time or another if we want to keep our jobs for a time period. I have went through a lot of different things on some of my jobs but through it all I have come out on top and I do think that it has made me a better person from it. Reference: Chapter 1, pg 1 joining together; group theory and group skills 10th edition
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