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Executive Summary Team Leader offers top notch training to professional engineering fields, providing the skills and information needed by employees to maintain high standards within our corporation. We have 20 offices located around the Southeastern Region and Canada. Our services cover case-specific ethics consulting, code of ethics development, internal ethics/values, ethics compliance training, and ongoing ethics topics. These ethic training programs include all materials and handouts and can be customized for your organization. These programs can also be implemented in a variety of formats, including but not limited to, interactive case study, panel discussions, lectures, role playing, interactive exercises, and web seminars. Modules can range from 60 minutes to a full-day or more. Team Leader is dedicated to preparing engineers for ethical challenges that may face them while on the job so that the integrity of their work place will not be degraded. Nothing is more critical to sustaining a good engineering company than maintaining a good name. This can be difficult when faced with the ethical problems we face today. Ethics can be learned over time by experiencing or observing others who are faced with these challenges. However this takes time and can risk the reputation of your company. This can be avoided by simply making use of the resources you have around you. To address your situation, I have designed a three-month program to assess the needs of your company. This plan will include two six-week programs broken down into two parts of three weeks. The second half of this program is a repeat of the first half in case one is missed. Your employees will attend 12 seminars; four with their experience level, ... ... middle of paper ... ...sion 4: Civil Discipline session 4: Environmental Day 4 Discipline session 4: Electrical Discipline session 4: Industrial Joined session 4 (class 1) Joined session 4 (class 2) Joined session 4 (class 3) 6. OTHER INFORMATION: Snacks will be provided for case study seminars. Appendix Cost for class per hour = $50.00 Approximately 68 hours of classes per week Travel refers to commuting and instructor fees Supplies calculated based on each person receiving 50 pages, over the course of the program, at 10 cent per page. Lunch calculated by assuming 8 instructors per day and $25 per plate for 24 days (four days per week for six weeks) or for 12 days (four days per week for three weeks). National Society of Professional Engineers (2010) Ethics Training for Engineering Organizations

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