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In every aspect of life, teamwork is intertwined with every task at hand. Everyone is dependent on someone in everyday life and within the workplace. A team is a group of individuals, who come together to complete a common goal. In the film, Miracle, men from throughout the United States came together to compete in the 1980’s men’s Olympic hockey team. The team was instantly narrowed down and personal issues arose from the player immediately. To overcome the team’s issues, Coach Herb Brooks has to balance strong leadership and motivational skills to bring the team together. A team cannot prosper without key elements to build up the individual skills of the overall performance of the team. A team can only function if there is interconnectedness between the players, strong leadership from the leader and within the…show more content…
“Interdependence is defined as two or more entities being mutually dependent on each other.” (Windermere, Web) No member of the hockey could perform without the other. Without a defender, the rest of the team is unable to compete with other teams. A subsection of team interdependence is comprehensive interdependence, which was the type of interdependence used in Miracle. Comprehensive interdependence requires a high level of interaction and coordination throughout the team. Each member must understand their role within the team, depending on other members to do their task, and know when to let other members shine. During, the hockey competitions, the United States players had to interchange players throughout the game to maintain a sustained play. Along with team interdependence, goal interdependence must be present. Goal interdependence is a shared vision of a team goal correlates with the individual member’s goals. This was present within the hockey team; the whole team main drive was to represent their country well and the individual goal was to do the

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