Teaching the Engineering Mindset

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I believe electrical engineering students should be thought how to think like an engineer. They should be able to consider practical limitations in solving real life problems. Whenever they face a new problem they should be able to split that problem into smaller parts that are manageable. For each sub-problem, they should have the ability to choose a suitable model that considers the physical, computational, safety and time constraints.

Completing an engineering project is not possible without successful collaboration with other groups that work on the same project. Students should learn how to document their results thoroughly and manage small projects.

Technology is advancing rapidly, and as a consequence, the job market in electrical engineering is changing. Jobs that are available now require a new set of skills and capabilities that did not exist at the time students have started their studies. Furthermore, students would have a more prosperous future in an industrial environment if classes have prepared them to adopt readily new work and job duties that they will encounter during their careers.

Also, the teachings should prepare students for advance studies in grad schools and lead them to a life long learning.

I think one of the best methods for electrical engineering students to acquire the mentioned qualities is by practicing them during school. Despite the fact that the engineering curriculum provides necessary classes to teach fundamental concepts in mathematics, physics, and engineering to students, and teaches them to use different measurement and test equipment in laboratory classes, it would be nice as a teacher to envision one or couple of general project for each course.

These projects can be drawn...

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...axwell's equations for the electromagnetic field, boundary-value problems, time-varying electric, and magnetic fields. I held office hours, and helped to prepare and grade exams and projects.

During the first year of college, I was part of the organization in Iran that was responsible for designing problems and organizing national competitions and training camps for students who were interested in physics Olympiad. I traveled to different cities of Iran and held short workshops for high school students who were interested in physics during that time.

I enjoy teaching classes in coding theory, information theory, communications, digital signal processing, signals and systems, discrete mathematics, probability theory, estimation and linear system theory. I would be happy to adopt existing courses or develop new courses that integrate smoothly with the curriculum.
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