Teaching and Learning English as Second Languae

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The need to improve English language learning has led to considerable progress in second language research in our country. In spite of this fact, as reported by *Eurobarómetro (2005), we are still far to reach the communicative skills in English that characterizes other European countries, what turns even much more necessary to continue boosting research on the learning and acquisition of that language.
Inside the field of the *eneñanza, the main worry consists in improving the communicative capacity through the investigations centred in the skill of oral production. However, it exists an area that has received scarce interest in our educational context: the no verbal communication (*CNV). Until the present, the no verbal appearances of the communicative competition have been *relegados to a secondary paper in the designs *curriculares of educations of foreign tongues. This has to , by a part, to that during long, and still in the actuality, has given absolute primacy to the education of the verbal system and his handle and, by another, to that the knowledge of of the no verbal communication is scarce and *fragmentario. However, and on the contrary of the general belief, the no verbal communication does not use simply for *suplir what to a speaker results him difficult explain with words, but it treats of an essential communicative component that contributes in big way to develop the learning of the second tongue (L2).
This project centres in the pedagogical dimension of the *CNV, in the learning of the English with the intention to answer to the existent social need for improving the process of learning of the communication in this tongue. However, in the actuality *carecemos of the necessary didactic material to teach the *CNV in the classroom of foreign tongues like consequence of the existent lagoon in the field of the acquisition of the English with regard to the no verbal component in our country.

This project tackles three main lines. In the first place, we will realise audiovisual recordings between the students of English like second tongue CONTEXT? These recordings will conform a database that will be able to be used so much in the present study as in future investigations. This first step requires the creation of the appropriate software for the analysis *gestual. The Centre of Vision by Computation of the Autonomous University of Barcelona will occupy of the design of the software (*LÏNEAS FERNANDO).

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