Teaching: The Art and The Science

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Teaching falls somewhere in between an art and a science and effective educators use their intuition in conjunction with proven methods of instruction to transfer knowledge to their pupils. Certain paradigms are present in effective teaching methodology which makes it possible to acquire and ascertain the skills and strategies necessary to become a successful teacher. However, some techniques and methods can only be gleaned through experience, and requires teachers to use their instincts to adapt and adjust accordingly to meet their students’ needs. Thus, educators must be cognizant of both facets which constitute the teaching continuum, teaching as an art and teaching as a science.

Effective teachers must be competent in their subject area and have extensive knowledge of pedagogical matters. Mastery of content is of the utmost importance, in order, for teachers to effectively articulate the objectives of the various lessons. Teachers should possess a breadth of knowledge relating to how students best ascertain new information. In addition, teachers must be cognizant of all the resources available to them which will enhance the learning experiences of their students. Teachers should strive to create an environment that fosters positive student learning outcomes. The ideal classroom environment would address respect, rapport, a meaningful learning experience, and opportunities for every student to be successful. Above all, teachers must have in their repertoire the ability to instill in students a love of learning. There are certain standards, by which, teachers should be judged regarding their aptitude for the teaching profession. Most importantly, teachers whom are personable and have the ability to build rapport w...

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...I: Subject and Pedagogy Assessments. I believe it is essential that teachers be held accountable and required to pass the Praxis II assessment. Qualified teachers are a must in the classrooms all across the country. Lowering the standards and expectations for teachers would, certainly, lead to significant declines in overall student achievement. Consequently, teacher licensing should adhere to high standards and expectations so that student learning can be improved.

I believe corporal punishment is an outdated method of discipline. In Kentucky, it is not against state law to implement corporal punishment, however, the issue is delegated to the counties or school districts. There are other effective means by which to discipline students. Most importantly, effective classroom management should be used b teachers to gain compliance from their students.
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