Teaching Styles in Physical Education

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The main objective of any physical education teacher and class is to get the student physically active in order to help them become healthier. Healthy living is the end goal of an effective physical educator. This teacher can either teach specific workouts, games, just make them run around, or play specific sports in their class. The sport education model is a great way to instil this healthy living because not only does it help the students be physically active for that class, but if they find a sport they truly enjoy they can carry on playing that sport for the rest of their lives; thus continuing their healthy living. The sport education model for teaching is an effective way to not only to get students involved and active but also to teach the many different factors and benefits sports can offer.

One of main ideas behind sport education is to teach new and different sports to the students. If this is done efficiently they can be shown dozens of new sports throughout their school career. A lot of physically, unhealthy, and inactive people do not have a favorite sport or are not very good at the one’s they have been introduced to before. Hopefully after learning and playing so many different ones they can find one they can enjoy and/or excel at. Even if the school does not offer a particular sport in their after-school teams, they can play it in class or find clubs or recs that do offer it. This will influence them to be physically active on their own time too, which is another key goal as a physical educator. As a physical educator it is important to get all students involved and active during class not just the “jocks”. So if a teacher introduced new, unique sports to the class that intrigue all parties they will have a be...

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...of school, some of the underlying lessons and life messages within sports. All in all, sports can help teach and guide young people with troubled lives, laziness, disrespectfulness, selfishness, and anger issues. Sports teach honesty, commitment, good work ethic, dedication, teamwork, responsibility, accountability, sportsmanship, ethics, and obviously contribute to healthy living. If a physical educator can help teach these to their students through sports education then they are a truly successful teacher.

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