Teaching Styles Essay

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Having different teaching styles are very important when instructing physical education to all the different ways students learn. Physical education is one of the most important classes because of the obesity factor throughout America today and if you can not motivate students to enjoy the game you are not doing you job right.
There are many different kinds of teaching styles but for physical education the most important styles are direct, indirect, and interactive teaching styles. Each teaching style is used to help give a different perspective in the class and to allow different types of strategies to learn the technique in different ways. For direct teaching style, this is a more teacher centered style to allow the teacher to keep the group on task and learning the material his or her way. For indirect teaching style,
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Then the students practice in each station that same skill till the music is over or if the time runs out and they would move either clockwise or counterclockwise to each station. This is over once all the students have tried every station.
The last type of teaching centered style is self-check style. This gives the students more freedom by giving them a partner and giving them a check list so they can attempt each task at hand. This give the teacher time to view how all the students work together to finish everything on the checklist and to also see how students teach each other.
An example of self –check style is when the teacher gives the student a checklist for different types of skills and the students have to get that checklist done during the class period. If the first skill on the list is throwing a football and the next skill would be baseball throwing and so on. Each skill would be practiced with their partner and they would work together to finish the tasks or ask questions if needed help with
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