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Teaching Status Report As the weeks progress and my experiences at Dunn are half over, my opinion on the school, the teachers, and the students continue to change. Since I have had the opportunity to work with two different teachers, my cooperating teacher Mr. Kiernan and the bilingual teacher Ms. Brittingham I have gotten two very different aspects of the school and its teachers. The two teachers could not be any more different. Ms. Brittingham is an older woman who teachers math in the sixth grade bilingual classroom, where Mr. Kiernan is a fairly young teacher who teaches regular seventh great. Ms. Brittingham seems to get involved in the school politics where Mr. Kiernan has never mentioned anything about it. However different they may be, they have one thing in common, they both care about their students and have very good classroom management. Between the two of them I have definitely gotten wonderful examples of how to manage a loud classroom and have efficiently come up with my own style of classroom management. I really like the way Mr. Kiernan is able to be very strict with the students that they respect him, but they all seem to know that he really cares about every student and they like him as a teacher, as well. I feel that Beckie and I are very lucky to have come into a classroom with a very strong teacher guiding us. It seems that many other classrooms have severe discipline problems. I hear teachers coming into our classroom complaining that one of our students acted out again in their classroom yesterday. However, I have not had any sever discipline problems at all with any of the students. Of course many of the students get loud and I have to tell them to quiet down or sit back in their seat but nothing really horrible. There are many students that are annoying, but I don’t see any one of them as being a discipline problem. Apparently, however, some of them are sever discipline problems in other classrooms. When I asked Mr. Kiernan why this was, he simple said, “They all know that I won’t put up with it, so they stopped trying.” I feel extremely lucky to have been put with Mr.

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