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Teaching Status Report My experiences at Dunn middle school are quite different then I had originally anticipated. All of the research I did on the school itself and what I heard from others about their experiences prepared me for the worst. What I ended up with was a classroom full of eager young students to learn. They may not be eager to learn the basics, math, science, history, etc. However, they are eager to find out new things. My job now is to make sure that I incorporate the basics into what they want to learn or vice versa. The students in my classroom each have a unique personality, no two are even similar, but every one of them is interesting and has potential to be great learners and people. I was expecting to walk into a room full of out of control hoodlums. I expected there to be things thrown across the room, the boys all dressed in gang colors, and the girls dressed like Beyonce with stomachs hanging out. During my first few days of observation I learned that the students respected the teacher. This was very relieving because I knew that the students would quickly learn to respect me as a teacher and an adult. My cooperating teacher was very encouraging and has helped us to learn a lot about the classroom. He is a very strict teacher and puts up with no nonsense. However, he if you follow his rules he will ease up and allow some sliding. His teaching style is very different then mine is. He likes to have the kids write on the board and teaches most of his classes from his seat in front of his desk. I don’t know that this is the wrong way to teach, it is simple different then my personal style. I am a very energetic person and want to share my energy and passions with the students. I like to get up and walk around the class and get the kids excited about the lesson at hand. As far as discipline goes I really think that I can learn a great deal from my co-op.

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