Teaching Philosophy Statement

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Teaching Philosophy Statement

There have been many teachers come and go in my life, but only a few really stand out. The reason I want to teach is because of these few teachers that have touched my life. A unique world of opportunity rests within an educational system. The ability to influence minds is a wonderful thing. I don’t want to be one of those ordinary teachers; I want to become an exceptional teacher. I want to be the teacher that everyone values. I understand that it will take a lot of hard work to become this type of teacher, but I’m willing to do so. I hope to be a positive influence on my students. I want to be able to motivate my students, and give them a full opportunity to learn. I wish for the students who leave my classroom to have accomplished independence, knowledge, and self-discipline. I think these three aspects are the aspects of an effective classroom environment.

My philosophy on education is an eclectic philosophy. I find that I lean toward the essentialist philosophy. Wanting to be a science teacher, I believe that natural sciences should be a core curriculum. Although I feel that lecture and discussion are great ways to lean, I think a variety of methods should be used. I think an effective classroom should obtain other methods of learning such as cooperative learning, mastery learning, project based instruction along with direct instruction. I believe that academic rigor is an essential component of education. I believe students should master certain key materials before being passed on to the next grade level.

Other than essentialism, I find another philosophy I lean toward is perrenialism. What makes me lean toward perrenialism is that I believe that methods such as: problem solving, discussion, lecture, critical thinking, and questioning should be used in every classroom. As a science teacher I would think that problem solving would be the best way to educate my students.

My goals for the future are to graduate from Concord with a Bachelor’s in Science Education of grades 9-12. I then intend on maybe teaching and then going on to obtain a Master’s degree.
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