Teaching Philosophy: Philosophy Statement Of The Philosophy Of Education

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Teaching Philosophy Statement

I believe the purpose of education is to learn and teach our kids to expand their knowledge by learning many type of things. By discovering new ideas and new skills that the students can later applied in later future. School is where students can actually discover their true potential and what they are capable of; is the first step of discovering themselves. Education is the most precious thing we have and we have the privilege to use it, so we should take advantage and teach our students all the possible ways that they can succeed in the future. Just like my teachers have taught me in order to be prepared and take action to appropriately teach my students the right way.
The kind of place my classroom should be is a classroom that belongs to my students. My classroom would have all the developmentally appropriate furniture their desks, the chairs, the block setting, the kitchen setting, cabinets, dramatic play center etc. Everything will be set for my students in their size, so it can be easier for them to learn and have fun. The classroom will have a print rich environment where my students’ paper will be hanging all over so they can show their parents. I want my students to be able to achieve all the challenges that they are put through and even to challenge themselves and practice every time they don't succeed. I want them to be ready to go to the next lever of learning.
I believe playing is an essential part of learning for young kids. I also believe playing is the best way my students can learn. When children play they discover how to do things on their own it enables them to I will set the classroom with many playing activities and fun ways to learn. Like making their names with cheerios o...

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... students in every possible way I can to make sure

Means to be a professional:
My future goal for growing as a teacher is to make sure that I educate myself in order to expand my knowledge about being a teacher. I might not be a teacher right now but I’m already in my journey to being one. So I want to be able to be a part of a childcare or to volunteer in schools to have more experience about teaching and interacting with the students. I want to keep loving what I do and not find it as a job that I have to do but something that I enjoy doing. I believe the way I can still learn and grow as a professional is by going to workshops and becoming friend with my fellow teachers and come together to make a better place for our student. To gather and share ideas among each other; we all teachers have one focus which is our students and they should always come first.
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