Teaching Philosophy: Encouragement

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My perspective on teaching is aimed toward giving a greater sense of confidence and self esteem to elementary school children. The purpose of education is to motivate, empower, and prepare students for their future. It is a life-long preparation of making out one’s contributions and capabilities and putting those skills to use. Nonetheless, the purposes of education are varies. The principle changes with age, environment, and the customs of the individual student. The instructions good for one may not be good for another. Kindergarten has a totally different set of priorities than middle school students. Middle school students have a totally different set of priorities than High school students. I would love to teach a diverse group of students, including those with learning disabilities, those who perform at grade level, and those who are gifted or exceptional. The instructional strategies I plan on using will depend on what I am trying to accomplish with my students. I believe that teachers need several lines of attack to meet the various needs for a class of diverse students. A s...

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