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The age group that I’m considering teaching is Middle or High School students (6th-12th Grade) in New Jersey’s Public Schools. This is a very important time for students in general. This is the time that they start to develop who they are, what major interests they have, and what career path they want to take. This time period they become more aware of the problems and issues that are in society. These issues could be affecting them during their High School years or could encounter later on in life. I want to prepare students to understand these problems that they will face and give them the tools to address these issues for themselves and society as a whole. The purpose of schooling as we have discussed in the Intro to Social Studies and Analysis of Social Studies Curriculum class is many: One purpose is to provide the basic skills for students to succeed in their future careers and in life. As, I took over from cooperating teaching I worked on having my students practice their writing skills more and more as the semester progressed. The second purpose, is to provide students with the knowledge of the Hidden Curriculum in Philip Jackson’s article, Life In Classrooms, this idea is to give students experience interacting with others in social settings outside the home. The third purpose is to provide students with a safe place to go. In many places in the country, the cities are not safe for the students to walk the streets. This was true for some of classmates and their students in the Urban Education Program. The school tries to provide a safe environment away from crime, drugs, and violence. For example, one of my students during student teaching lived in a broken home environment. At school he was able to hang out with his frie... ... middle of paper ... ...o work hard to accomplish a goal in whatever they do in life. The education system is facing many problems and changing directions in the overall mission of what public education should be. However, it’s up to the teachers to stay the course, focus on the students to ensure that they will be able to handle any situation that comes their way. I want students to learn with a combination of methods: group work, lectures, homework, essay writing, PowerPoint, and using multimedia. I want students to have equal learning in all of these different activities in order to ensure that I’m reaching all the different types of learners out there. Finally, I want to learn from the students themselves in order to be better able to meet there needs, expectations, and interests. If I’m able to accomplish all of this on a daily basis, I will be a successful teacher for these students.

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