Teaching Philosophy

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Teaching Philosophy

Teachers are the sculptors of every child’s future. No other job comes with the satisfaction of knowing that you have made at least the slightest difference in a child’s life. Little things that you say and do will always be remembered. Not only will you be a teacher but you will also play the role as, a friend, mentor, hero, and many others. As a teacher I plan to run my classroom with rules and consequences, but my students will realize that they are treated fairly. They will have a voice and say so concerning what goes on in the classroom.

Seating arrangements will depend on classroom instructional activities. There will be lots of group activities, since most kindergarteners aren’t used to being around children their own age. The room will be bright and very colorful to keep their senses alert. My bulletin boards will display the calendar, colors, numbers, and the alphabet. They will include people from all cultures on them. I will have learning centers around the room that the students will be able to go to in their free time. These centers will teach the students to tie their shoes, button their clothes, cut out shapes, color in the lines, and other supplementary skills. My classroom will be run in a democratic fashion, which is pragmatism. The students will have lots of say so over the rules and the way the classroom is run. It will be child centered since the students will be the most important part of the classroom. They will have a voice and say so concerning what goes on in the classroom. These are examples of how I will use the existentialism philosophy. I will be a guide in the learning process of my students.

I would establish a non-authoritarian classroom. I want my students to see me as their instructor, not their boss or authority figure. I will run a facilitating classroom with circle seating arrangements, student centered activities, problem solving, and reciprocal teaching. I feel as if I am a pragmatist and I will use the theory or progressivism to run my classroom.
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