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Teaching Philosophy My personal teaching philosophy will be based off of my role model teachers growing up. For example, my fourth grade teacher, Ms. Juster, was a woman who I will never forget and whose influence made me chose the profession I am working towards today. Like her, I want to stimulate my students into finding their own strengths and desires so they feel more successful not only in a school environment but also in a larger civil community as well. I want my students to see me as a facilitator of learning, rather than a tyrant who harshly judges. Students learn best when they are comfortable and I will allow them, in fact encourage them, to take risks without judging their creativity. Learning cannot occur without stimulation and some amount of genuine care for a subject. Although probably the most difficult task, I will pay most attention to making my students care about what they are learning. I believe classroom experiences should extend into the students real lives. There are always exterior influences that overpower the importance of education, and I want to show students that they need to realize the benefits an education can give them later in life. In literature, this should come more naturally than other academic subjects because we can learn many great morals and consequences through other people’s stories. I will be enthusiastic and a great entertainer to my students, treating them more like a T.V. audience than a ...

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