Teaching Philosophy

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Teaching Philosophy

Education is the means by which a student gains the tools for a successful future. Through education, a teacher is not only teaching facts, but also teaching life skills. Education teaches students discipline, responsibility, and many other life skills. As a teacher, I hope to instill these skills in my students. I also hope to help them develop as adolescents. Education should allow students to fully understand and discover themselves, in addition to giving them the ability to survive in the real world. Education involves respecting every student's race, sex, ethnicity, socio-economic status, and religion. Education should teach the students to think on their own, and to accept and embrace their individuality.

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to teach. Through various tutoring experiences, I have really solidified that decision in my mind. I would really enjoy teaching in a middle school environment. I feel that the middle grades can really make or break a students’ enjoyment for mathematics. I hope to bring an enthusiasm and love for the subject, and spread that feeling to my students. As an educator, I hope to encourage students to do their best and have then accept nothing less. I believe that education is not just about the classroom, it is about knowing your students and encouraging them to grow as individuals.

As a teacher, it is very important to build a relationship and understanding with your students. Education is not just about teaching facts, it is about developing a students knowledge about the subject and about themselves. I think it is important to challenge the students while maintaining their confidence. Through interactions with teachers and fellow students, a student will learn how to interact with others. Schools are a structured environment that will give students the groundwork to lead them into the work environment in their future. As a future math teacher, I understand that many students struggle with the subject of math. I don’t expect my students to love math, but I hope that through my teachings they will understand and appreciate the subject. Mathematical concepts are very prevalent in society and by teaching this, I will be instilling useful skills for the rest of their life.
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