Teaching Philosophy

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Teaching Philosophy

Children are our future and it has been a dream of mine to guide them into the right direction by the way of a good education. Having two children of my own, and preparing them for school, prompted me to want to achieve my goal of teaching. Watching their faces beam with pride as they learned something new, made me so proud. Teaching them preschool activities required research in knowing what I should teach to prepare them for elementary school. I used workbooks that I purchased from stores and I printed out worksheets from the Internet to help them learn. I considered myself a traditionalist; I directed the activities and had emphasis on a core curriculum that I planned for daily. After seeing them succeed from my teaching efforts, I decided I wanted to help other children succeed.

I believe the purpose of education is to gain knowledge and to know how to use it to be successful in life. Without an education, a productive life cannot be had. I hope that I can always instill in my students the desire to want to know more and therefore become more knowledgeable. I want them to be excited about learning and not to look at school as a punishment. I want them to realize every goal they may have can be reached through a good education. I want to see all of my students succeed and I want them to know that I will do anything to help them. Anytime a student should need my guidance, I will do my best to help. I want them to not only gain knowledge, but to also have self-confidence and to be proud. I know, from experience, when a child is struggling in school, their self-confidence is low and their grades will reflect it. However, when a child finally grasps the knowledge he needs, his self esteem will soar as well as his grades. It's so important that students feel good about themselves and I want to make sure I can do my part in making sure that happens.

My classroom will reflect a realist philosophy. I will have a linear seating arrangement and they will all face the blackboard.
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