Teaching: My Goals And Goals In Education

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Teaching is not a job for everyone, but I strongly believe that teaching is my calling. What many people do not understand is that as early childhood educators, we begin to shape the minds of these young children. We are one of the primary building blocks to their education. What we teach them will stay with them forever, and it may not be just things within the curriculum. Although teaching may seem like an easy career, it is one of the most important roles in a child 's life. Many children spend more time at school with their teachers than at home with their parents. We are their role models, they follow what we do which is why we must be the best we can be. Teachers are the ones who prepare students for the future, we are the creators of future lawyers, engineers, musicians, etc. Schools are the place where it all begins, schools are the foundation and we teachers build on that foundation. I am a teacher because I want to change someone’s life by sharing what I know with them.…show more content…
While I know I probably will not make a difference to all my students, my goal is to make a great impact on at least one of them. My next goal is to help them grow and allow them to reach their greatest potential in and outside of my classroom. There is always room for growth. My goal is to teach my students something, no matter how big or small it may be. I am a teacher and teaching my students is my job. I will try to teach them things and work with them until they understand it, no matter how long it takes. Just like I have goals for myself, one of my goals is to help my students achieve their own goals. I don 't want to set goals for them, I would like for them to set their own goals and let me help them achieve them by the time they leave my
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