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When teaching mathematics to children the teacher’s enthusiasm can determine whether or not the child's math experience is negative or positive. For instance if you do not like math chances are, it will show up in the activities that you prepare for the child, as well as the way you go about a question because the children will sense your frustration that you have for math. If a teacher likes math on the other hand the activities will be well thought out, and the children will be able to ask questions without having the feeling that the teacher is frustrated because they are giving off a positive attitude. This is what shapes the person's feelings towards math, how good of a math teacher one is, and how whether or not the person's experience is negative or positive.

My general feelings towards math would have to be because of my elementary math teacher. She would have us sit down and do paper work about math rather, then having us do things that were hands on. The reason I feel like this has contributed to me not liking math is because the teacher gave me the impression that math cannot be fun. In middle school I felt embarrassed because we all were split into math groups, and as a result I felt like was judged because of this. I also thought my math was for people who could not do math well, and the people who were in the highest math group were people who were smart, and could easily do math. I always felt judged by my peers as well because I was not in the same group as them. During my high school years my math teacher did take time, and work with the students who wanted extra help on their work. He would not move onto a different topic until everyone knew what they were doing which helped a lot because in my opinion you cann...

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...o see where they were with their math skills, and what they needed to work on. Then, last I would like to know what I could do if a child does not want to participate in math because I have found in my previous practicums that if child gets frustrated while trying to do math they will just leave, and go do something else.

In conclusion I still have things I need to work on to make the child's math experience positive as well as finding ways that could help me encourage the child to find the right answer when they are struggling. I have also realized after thinking about my experiences I had in my math classes that I don't want the children to feel the same way I do. This could help me in a lot of ways because I know I don't want to give the children a negative outlook on math because it could stay with them for a while and determine whether or not they like math.
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