Teaching Article: Six Steps To Successful Co-Teaching

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Schools are beginning to adapt more to the variety of students needs in the classroom. Co-teaching is one of the methods schools and teachers are using to reach more students. It got originally noticed in 1960s but didn’t become popular and supported till 1990s (Villa). Co-teaching is when the general education teacher is working along side another professional. They could be a special education teacher, ESL teacher, a reading specialist, or any other professional that could assist in creating a coordinated curriculum for a diverse classroom. Both the general education teacher and the other professional will plan the coordinated curriculum and instructions that will be used in the general education classroom (Vaughn pg. 79). When I first…show more content…
The article, “6 Steps to Successful Co-Teaching”, also discusses six helpful tips to implement into the classroom to make co-teaching successful. The first step being to establish rapport as teachers, the students will be able to tell if there is tension between the teachers so they will feel more comfortable if the teachers are comfortable also. The second step is to identify both of the different teaching styles. The teachers need to find a balance and create a consistent classroom. Third step is to have both teachers discuss strengths and weakness. By knowing both of the teachers’ strengths and weakness upfront they can see who can reach more students in different areas. Discussing IEPs and educational goals is the fourth step and by doing so both teachers will have a better understanding. The fifth step is to form a plan of action and act unified in all matters. Being consistent is very crucial in the classroom and even outside of it. The last step is to take risk and grow. The article discusses how co-teaching creates a safety net for the teachers to take more risks than when they are by themselves (Marston). Having two teachers, each with their own knowledge and expertise, working to help the needs of students and promote learning for all students is very beneficial for a classroom but it also has its drawbacks. For some it takes time getting use to working with another individual

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