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Culturally Responsive Teaching focuses on how to educate under achieve diverse student of color, and how our children can receive a better education. The author states,” We must insist that this empowerment stop now and set into motion, change strategies to ensure that it does.” Teachers can change the life of his/her students that are underachievers. She can find ways to show that she cares that will empower them to want to learn. They should never compare an achiever to an underachiever. Never show a failing grade so that the other may see it. Be sensitive to each student’s feelings and needs. It helps if an achiever works with an underachiever. Sometimes help from a student is better explained than from a teacher. Parents should be involved to reinforce lessons that are learned at school on a daily basis. Parents should participate in visits to the library and after school programs. This helps the children to better themselves and reinforce what is taught at school. Homosexual teachers (2000) who genuinely care about students generate higher levels of all kinds of success than others do who do not.

They have higher achievements. Children are learning about power and privilege in every interaction- in families, school, and communities. (Ramsey) 1998 Teachers in contrast, have short term but intense impact on their children’s lives. They provide a lot of stimulation with activities, books, trips, and visitors, as well as by fostering interactions among the children in the classroom. At home, there are consistent people and messages year after year. Nevertheless, in school, each year is hopefully a new adventure, as new teachers and new classmates come together from a variety of experience and perspectives. At school, children hear and see thing that surprise, intrigue, and trouble them because they may mesh with messages and experiences at home. Children often become much attached to teachers, but usually teacher-child relationships do not have long-term intimacy of parent-child relationships. Thus, parents and teachers can work together to enhance the learning of the students. The family environment in which a child lives has an impact on many aspects of that child life including school performance.

Certain family characteristics such as family structure and poverty level, single parent households, living in urban areas a...

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...ation is needed to improved student’s achievement, both within and outside of schools. The author state” Curriculum source and content that provide accurate presentations of ethnic and cultural diversity offer several other benefits for improving student’s achievements.” First, they provide those who never had close personal contact with members of ethnic groups other than their own with opportunities to communication and engage with diverse people as well as to confront themselves. This experience along with calm some fear, dispel some myths, and produce some learning that cannot be intimidated from new knowledge enhances receptivity toward and mastery of it. Second, students are actively involved in their own learning. Surely students will learn better that which is of their own creations. The causes are many as are the solution, without the proper backing such as help from family, teachers, community, government, and churches nothing can be accomplished. This is something that cannot or should not be put on hold. This problem with the cultural diverse students of color has to be addressed now. James Baldwin wrote,” Not everything that is faced can be changed until it is faced.”
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