Teachers Should Have An Advanced Degree Essay

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The objectives of teaching are to ensure that students understand the material, can think critically, engage in the learning process, and have the ability to apply the learned material to their everyday life. Every teacher uses a variety of techniques to achieve these goals. College and university professors are required to have advanced degrees; in elementary and secondary settings advanced degrees are not mandatory. Some school districts encourage teachers to attain an advanced degree in their field, but it should never be a requirement for education. Teachers should focus on engaging with students by making the material interesting and an advanced degree does not accomplish this goal.
Advanced degrees show that a teacher has more knowledge,
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It is argued that teachers should have an advanced degree to teach students, others argue that is not true. According to Nick Kevern, “Master’s degrees are all well and good but how would that benefit anyone? A good teacher is a good teacher it’s their personalities, engagement, and love of the job that is priceless” (Daily Post). That is true if a teacher enjoys teaching and working with students that what makes a good teacher. Lee Kennedy argued, “The best teachers are those who are engaged with children a piece of paper does not mean you will be any good” (Daily Post). If teachers do not have a way of working with people it would be hard for them to be successful in teaching. People can argue that teachers should have an advanced degree because it is important for a teacher to have a higher education rather than just a regular degree. It shows that teacher has a better understanding of what he or she is teaching the students. That is not that the case, teachers do study and understanding what he or she is teaching the students which is why he or she picked a certain course to study in college because it brought attention and led to wanting to teach the subject or…show more content…
Teacher’s grades affect and reflect how well a teacher learned in the courses they studied to become a teacher (Orphanos). The study showed that different types of qualities a teacher can affect the way a student learns and achieves. Some teachers teach verbally and most students have an increase in understanding the teacher. Other students learn differently such as learning visually by looking at something or taking special notes. It’s the teacher’s job to make sure that he or she finds way that is both helpful and understandable to the students. The quality that determines whether what technique to use to help the student, is based on the teacher and his or her observation on viewing how the students learn best. “Some scholars agree that it does not matter what teachers do but they accomplish” (qtd.in Eisenberg). When teaching as a primary or secondary teacher, it is harder for a student to actually care and work hard for an academic achievement. It makes it harder for the teacher to reach out the students but when working for so long and going through different techniques to teach students teachers do not need to have an advanced degree to achieve that goal. At times it is challenging but that is part of teaching there are going to times when it is a bad day and things don’t go the way there suppose to, but no matter what a teacher will wake up the next day and go to the job they
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