Teachers Need to Feel Empowered and in Control of their Career

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What does 2.0 look like? I became a teacher when spiders spun webs and a library teacher when the Internet was accessed through the telephone. I was an early adopter and adapter of everything 1.0. I embraced the magic of the CD-Rom, remember Encyclopedia Encarta. What a revelation. I became a librarian the same year that the card catalogue was replaced by lookup stations. I have no idea about creating a title, subject or author card but boy can I come up with the perfect key words for a Boolean search. During the days of Web 1.0 I taught students who were just as awed by computers and astounded with the Internet as I was. Together we explored this new digital world. Today the digital natives look upon computers and the Internet as a ubiquitous component of school and education. I understand. That’s all they have known. I know that I need to continue to embrace the new technologies. I need to continue to be on the cutting edge, be aware of the newest and coolest, what is the next Twitter, Facebook or YouTube and, most importantly, how can this technology be used to impact student learning. To that end I am a teacher leader in the area of technology. If a volunteer is needed for a presentation I’m the one. This year I have used Prezi to present copyright law to my staff at school. I have also coordinated building-wide training for district wide tech competencies assessment. I have been on the school’s technology leadership team since the school opened. I see myself as a leader in the field of technology integration. In order to help students and staff keep current with the software and now apps, that are available. I have embraced LibGuides a data management program that has revolutionized the old library pathfinders and web quest... ... middle of paper ... ...ally policy, but also best teaching practices. These conferences have empowered me to take on these leadership roles in my school district and local NEA association. My primary objective after any of these professional growth experiences is to share them with my colleagues. And to that end I make it a practice to mentor new educators. I am also guide the students to think of the field of education as a valid career choice. I am concerned that with the negative image of education and educators, the poor economic climate that our smartest and gifted students and new teachers will not consider a career as a teacher, or continue in that career. I believe that if teachers feel empowered and in control of their career they will not only remain in education they will make a difference in the life of a child. And they will continue in this worthwhile and important career.

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