Teachers Must Be Life Long Learners in Order to Better Educate Students and Incorporate Technology

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Define Learner/learning/tapestry The word, learner, implies person who is trying to gain knowledge, comprehension or mastery through experience or study. A learner sees the big picture and knows the desired outcome before beginning the task. A learner appreciates both the process of creating and the creation. A teacher is a learner; thinking circumspectly and reflectively. A teacher uses the elements of design, good curriculum and solid instructional practices. Theses elements focus student education on problem solving, information using, communicating and collaborating, knowledge, and learning. A teacher understands techniques and uses them aptly. A teacher considers many scenarios and effectively prepares for the possibilities. Teachers design units, lesson, daily structure and routines, and the learning environment. Using state and district curriculum guides, content and pedagogical knowledge a teacher weaves together numerous strands to design a tapestry of learning opportunities. a person who is trying to gain knowledge or skill in something by studying, practicing, or being taught ▪ an adult learner ▪ an advanced learner ▪ learners of English as a second language ▪ 1. To gain knowledge, comprehension, or mastery of through experience or study. Beliefs about learning/learner Bring to the table/expertise/ how my being a learner adds to my expertise/ I now know How being a learner affects students learning Learning is a social process evolving from infancy and continuing through out adulthood. It is a process combining skill and knowledge acquisition necessary to live successfully. Learning is a complex process, which also includes intrinsic traits of curiosity and joie de vivre. Vygotsky further defines ... ... middle of paper ... ...wledgeable adult and a secure motivated learner. To build that relationship it helps to walk in their shoes. I did not just learn how to teach with technology, I learned with technology. I created and learned using a WebQuest. I created and learned using wikis. I created and learned using a poster. I created and learned using hypermedia. Walking as a learner allows me to reflect metacognitively as a learner and use that knowledge to relate to my students learning. I understand the benefits of using knowledge not as something to store or file away, but the power of using it to create something [artifact] I have taken the crystallized understanding and applied it to my classroom practice. The results are students who intricately understand the content because they are using information to create and demonstrate their understanding. [Link idioms metaphor poems]

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