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In today’s society children encounter many obstacles to their formal education such as poverty, bullying, death, and abuse. Most children are not equipped to handle these situations alone. They look for guidance from their teachers to help them through difficult situations. Teachers need to be aware not only of their student’s academic performances but also any personal situations that may impede their ability to learn. How a teacher handles a student’s specific personal crisis can either help the student overcome their burden or may make the situation in their life worse. Complex issues that students are dealing with today are in schools that have policies and programs in place to counter act these problems, for example, many inter city schools around the United States, such as the Atlanta public school system have a breakfast program to serve the kids before school. This helps the children living in poverty in the inner city to get one of the most important meals of the day. Teachers in the Atlanta school district serve food to the children before the start of each school day. Another critical issue that many students face is bullying. 71% of students report incidents of bullying as a problem at their school. (Facts and Statistics) I was included in that 71% while I was in middle school. I attended an all Caucasian Christian school where I was harassed and mocked for the color of my skin. My bullying experience was not limited to students but also included teachers as well. My 6th grade my teacher singled me out by screaming at me to move my hand that was supporting my head. I listened to her at first but as a habit I put my hand back to support my head. She then got furious and threatened to call my mom which I thought was ri... ... middle of paper ... ...ith school counselors and administrators to provide appropriate support for the student. As is evident from the examples presented, how a student responds to a personal crisis often depends on a teacher’s support or lack thereof. In the case of my own personal bullying experience, my teachers were not supportive and not only did I change schools but this is a memory that will always haunt me. However, my friend who struggled through the divorce of his parents did receive help from teachers, who recognized and steered him away from the self-destructive path he was on. Even though most teachers are not trained comprehensively in psychology and counseling, they still must possess an awareness of their student’s needs and behaviors. Perceptive and proactive teachers can have a lasting positive impact on their students and can make the difference in child’s education.

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