Teacher-Student Relationship Essay: Trust Between Teacher And Students

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Trust Between Teacher and Students In our life,it is a common situation between teacher and students:they always misunderstand each other.Sometimes it causes some unhappy problems and it makes teacher-student relationship get worse.So trust is necessary to teacher-student relationship,it likes a connecting bridge,connecting teacher and students.It can make them closer to each other and let them treat each other like family mumbers. If teacher and students have trust to each other, they will open their minds and welcome others to come in. Just like movie Freedom Writer, Ms. Gruwell is the best example that makes her class to be a big family. In movie Freedom Writer , when Ms. Gruwell first came in her class to face students,she found her students…show more content…
In other word,Ms.Gruwell saved her students’lives.If her students did not get help from her, they may continue fighting with racial problems or fighting in gangs.They may fight for society in a bad way,maybe oneday they would die in a gang violence.But Ms.Gruwell used trust to educate her students and lead them to a right way to fight for freedom,to let other people,especially those who have racial prejudice know about their thoughts.So Ms.Gruwell made them rebirth,made them be successful freedom writers. In some Chinese schools,although have little racial problems,but it is still a big trust problem in teacher-student relationship:In Zhongnan University,a graduate student had jumped from a building,the reason is he thought his teacher did not trust him and gave a low score for his project .It is a sad example about trust problems.A primary school student also uses same way to suicide.The reason is his teacher put him into a group which he did not like,he misunderstanded teacher and teacher did not communicated with him in time,he felt unfair then he did this stupid decide .These two sorrow cases are caused by trust problems,because their teachers did not
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