Teacher Reflection

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I feel as if this class has been an experience like none other. This class has given me the feel of what it is really going to be like to be a teacher. The textbook that was used in the class A Brief Introduction to Education was very helpful in giving a brief overview of everything I need to know as a future teacher. I really liked the textbook, and the stuff I learned about, but the topic that I found to be my most valued learning experience would be chapter 2 about the different ways to learn. The chapter talked a lot about teaching children with disabilities, and I have always been interested in teaching students who have disabilities. The chapter gave a lot of interesting ideas about how to teach students with disabilities, and the chapter definitely made me more interested in teaching students with disabilities. The chapter also listed the pros and cons of mainstreaming…show more content…
I thought that it was really cool to get an insight of how every teacher teaches differently. I think it is really important topic because it is essential that teachers teach differently because teachers are able to teach the way they feel comfortable teaching. The different teaching styles not only help the teacher, but also helps out the students because every student learns differently. If one teacher didn’t teach the student in a style that the student could understand the material, then the student could be moved to another class. During the time the class was learning about the philosophy of education we were able to take a survey that told us our philosophy of education. I really enjoyed seeing the results of the survey, and they were very accurate on how I would like to teach my future class. I think that having the result and learning about philosophy of education will better help me teach my future class, and that is why I enjoyed learning about the topic so
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