Teacher Professionalism Essay

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In explaining the meaning of teacher identity and professionalism one has to consider teacher identity not as who we are as beings but rather more of an image of teachers and how they portray themselves. In contrast looking at the meaning of teacher professionalism, we look at the teaching and learning environment. As Talbert states that “professionalism evolves within active, learning communities of teachers” (Talbert, 1994, p.123). In close reference to this article as it outlines problems of teacher professionalism, the aim will be to explain the meaning of teacher professional identities and professionalism from those arising issues.
Issues arising are that “the problematic character of professional standards in schools and the factors that make a difference in the social-normative context of teaching…are when teachers face increasing diverse and challenging student population” (Talbert, 1994, p.125). So as teachers face different challenges in student population it is a problem in teacher professional standards in schools. The method in this instance as a teacher is to find means of working with a diverse and over populated classroom, and methods of teaching in crowded classrooms. It is part of a teacher’s identity to work
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According to Hargreaves teacher professional identity and professionalism is improving quality and standard of practice. The first age, the pre-professional age, states that “Teaching and learning could never be pursued without reference to the necessities of classroom control, and teachers’ success and survival depended on their ability to balance the two” (Hargreaves, 2000, p.152). This age looks at the balance within the classroom control, be it part of a teacher’s identity to have discipline methods in order to control their classroom as well as the teachers ability in teaching that required content knowledge to the students
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