Teacher Is Not A Teacher

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For some, “Teacher” is simply a title to describe the person who teaches vocabulary words, a math formula, or who takes students outside to play on the playground. To others, a teacher may just be the person to whom they send their child every day, as a “highly paid babysitter”. However, to me, the word “teacher” invokes a sense of pride that rises up inside of me. Teachers are professionals who take it upon themselves to make sure that students have the resources needed to lead a healthy life, to make sure children are educated in order to be able to be successful in their future, and to make learning fun and enticing for children in order for them to retain information.
When a teacher is granted a classroom, they will be faced with students who don’t have basic necessities. I have had teachers who start each day by asking every single student if they have eaten, and if they have clean clothes to wear. If any student hadn’t eaten, or needed clean clothes, the teacher had a desk drawer full of food and clothes to hand out to any little belly or body that needed it. When I obtain a classroom of my own, I will make it a mission to ensure that every belly is full, and that my students have what they need to be able to properly function throughout the school day. It is sometimes forgotten that not everyone has a bed to sleep in at night, a mom or dad who hugs them when they get home from school, or food on the table for dinner. There is no question in my mind that going without even one of these things, would put a strain on a child’s mental, physical, and educational well-being. How can one expect a child to focus when s/he hasn’t slept, eaten, or is being neglected at home? In the future, when I have students of my own, I want to...

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...iquette, along with the proper etiquette for the “outside world”. It is a mission of mine to produce students who know that there is a time and a place for fun, but there is also a time and a place to be serious.
As a teacher, one takes on a multitude of responsibilities, and these little responsibilities happen to be other people’s children. It takes a special kind of person to be not only a teacher, but a successful teacher. Every teacher is unique, and has their own ways of being successful. In order for me to be successful inside of my classroom, I will need to ensure the well-being of my students, to provide them with the proper information they will need throughout their lives, and to create a fun, respectable learning environment. Once I have completed this regime 27 times over, will I feel like I have given my all to my students, my profession, and myself.

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