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Becoming a teacher has many adventages and disadventages. Some advantages include, being able to share your passion and foster it in others, knowing that you are making a difference, as well as getting benefits such as insurance and retirement savings. Some disadventages of becoming a teacher include, lack of parent involvement, large classroom sizes, as well as small school budgets. The job outlook for teacher varies depending on the position. Both kindergarten and elementary school teaching positions were expected to rise between 2010 and 2020 by 17 percent. This is considered to be faster than average for all occupations. However, high school teaching positions are only expected to rise during this same period by 7 percent. This is considered to be slower than average for all occupations.

In order to become a teacher there are certain requirements that you must have. Many teachers go back to school to earn their teaching certificate after a bachelor's degree and years in the workforce. For teachers that are focusing on a specific subject, such as math, a related bachelor's degree is highly recommended. Alternative licensure programs are also available for teachers with a college degree in other fields. Licensure requirements vary by state. Teaching in higher grades typically results in having higher pay. Teachers that teach lower grades may choose to advance, a process that may require additional certification. Some states require teachers to complete a master's degree within a specified period after they begin teaching. According to the May 2012 records of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual elementary school teacher salary is $56,130. Of the 1,360,380 elementary school teachers that are nationwid...

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... to advance in their careers also may choose to leave the classroom and take jobs as school administrators. Elementary, middle and high school teachers can advance in their careers by teaching at a higher level. Teachers can innovate. They can promote learning for their students. They can find new ways to learn the material.

Becoming a teacher fits my values and lifestyle. It fits my values because I am a caring person. I like helping people out. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't like helping people out with things. I am a very generous person. This job fits my life style in many ways because, I like working with children. Children can get your nerves at times but this job is something that I would love doing. Also, I like working with other people and I have a high patience level. This job fits me perfectly and I am thinking about doing this job as well.

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