Te Obama Administrations Efforts to Go Green

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In the Obama Administration, they are committed to finding new ways to help create and consume energy in America. In the new reform, they are looking towards a better future in which they can help the environment, but also look forward to creating better jobs. The government seems to be actively promoting the creation of “green” jobs. Part of this project is to focus on creating jobs, but to make it environmental friendly. At times it seems truly impossible to cover all the aspects of going green. What exactly does it mean to go green? To go green is to find different ways in which people can help the environment. It is very interesting to hear about the controversial debate on whether green jobs have become an effective or ineffective way in helping our nation grow in the near future. Also has the government done everything that they have promised or have they not taken the initiative in helping this reform succeed. Green jobs offer the promise of providing well paid jobs while meeting the requirement in reducing fossil fuels and carbon emission; it works both ways by providing a sustainable wage for families, health benefits and good working conditions, but also working to associate the improvement in the environment by using energy more efficiently.

There are many positive characteristics of green jobs available for the diversity of workers. Green jobs are known to be good jobs according to the Council of Economic Advisors (CEA) analysis; green jobs pay their workers more by 10 to 20 percent. “For example, industrial machinery mechanics who work in power generation, an emerging green sector, earn about $28 per hour. Interestingly, mechanics with similar jobs, but who do not work in that power generating sector, earn about $6...

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...ed a single job” (Loris 1). Is the money on green jobs being spent properly? Is there a change or in the long run will this negatively affect our country?

After much debate and research on the impact of green jobs, I have come to an understanding but I have not chosen a side. In my perspective, green jobs seem like they can positively help the environment and create jobs. Although green jobs sound like a good way to go, it seems like the government has been spending a lot of money. So then how does raising taxes help the people. I’m all for change but in order to have produce more green jobs you need to have an amount of skilled workers who can also understand the economics of finance. It is good to hear that America wants change but in order to do so the government must consider all the options and us Americans must see change happening for a better tomorrow.

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