Taylor Swift Essay

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The Genius of Taylor Swift Taylor Allison Swift was born December 13th, 1989 to proud parents Scott Swift and Andrea Swift in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania (Taylor Alison Swift). From a very young age Swift proved to be a talented young performer while performing at various fairs, exhibitions, and recitals. Her parents recognized her ambition and decided to move to Nashville, Tennessee in order to pursue her career as a country artist (Taylor Swift). After many trials she was finally signed to Big Machine Records in 2004 and became the youngest artist ever to sign with a Sony records label. Swift started out her professional career by practicing her song writing and attending school while making time to hang out with friends and family (Taylor…show more content…
I also think of lyrics that shout out my life story and I know that I am not the only one to feel this way which is why Swift has such a big fan base. Taylor Swift will leave a lasting impression on society to come. She is one of the few females on Forbes 40 list and makes more money than many other male artists. Not only is she an inspiration to females everywhere, but she is also an inspiration to her own fellow artists. Swift can be seen dancing at any awards ceremony she attends and has a genuinely good outlook on life. It’s crazy how she connects with her fans on such a personal level. I have been in concerts where there hasn’t been one dry eye in the arena because of the amount of emotion that Taylor Swift puts into her songs. Swift has been nominated as Time’s Woman of the Year because she is such a vibrant young woman (Dickey,…show more content…
She inspires her fans to live every day like it’s their last and she inspires them with her many accolades gained throughout the years. Taylor Swift has won over 200 various awards and has 4 Grammy awards which are impressive when you remember that she is barely 25 years old. Taylor’s mark on society will be her great music that connects with her fan base on such a personal level. She inspires women everyday by breaking records in the music industry set by men and also promotes philanthropy through her various projects. Swift promotes arts education in today’s school systems and advocated many different platforms to teenagers that normally wouldn’t be hear of. Her anti-bullying platform is amazing simply because she wrote a whole song about it; “Mean” and has won countless awards for her contributions to society. Overall Times magazine says it best, “Taylor Swift is someone that we all want our daughters and granddaughter to grow up to be like” which is why Taylor Swift will continue to be my favorite artist (Dickey,
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