Tattoos and Piercings on Doctors

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When imagining a doctor many see a man or a woman in a blue or white outfit usually with healthy skin. Most, however, would not imagine a doctor adorned with tattoos or piercings but those kinds of doctors are out there. As long as a doctor can do their job right then piercings, or no piercings, and tattoos, or no tattoos, shouldn’t matter. Although some people have concerns about the quality of medical care about doctors with tattoos and piercings, they should not be discriminated against because of this personal choice.
Many people believe that doctors shouldn’t have tattoos and piercings. Many say that it affects their work and it’s unprofessional, that people with tattoos and piercings should only be allowed in certain jobs. Others say that tattoos and piercings are unhealthy to the skin and doctors who have them make a bad statement on themselves, considering that doctors should be healthy. Other people use the argument that children’s doctors that have them make a bad influence on the children showing them that when they grow up, they too should get a tattoo or piercing. Although the opposing side does make some great points, these accusations can be proven wrong.
Doctors who have tattoos or piercings can still do their job. Their tattoos and piercings does not affect their ability to do their job. According to Schierhorn, in the American Osteopathic Association, Amanda J. Hersh, who has a tattoo going down her right arm, attending the Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine “is in the top 10 percent of her class.” (Schierhorn) This proves, at least in this example, that her tattoo does not affect her work. If a doctor doesn’t treat someone correctly or isn’t a good doctor then they shouldn’t be a doctor, w...

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...are not a major problem to doctors who feel like they should have the right to wear them. We shouldn’t discriminate just because something is unfamiliar. We should give these doctors a chance to be who they want to be and if having a tattoo or piercing is who they want to be then they shouldn’t be stopped because of unfair judgments.

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