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Tattoo artists are individuals who apply tattoos on the human skin. They draw colorful tattoos using inks and tattoo tools. The tattoos are permanent, and one will carry them for all his or her life. A good tattoo artist needs to be creative, attentive and has a great deal of interest in tattoo arts and designs. Tattoo artists usually get the necessary tattooing skills through an apprenticeship. The apprenticeship is given mostly under the supervision of an experienced tattoo artist. Tattoo artists commonly work at a store or shop that are called tattoo shop or tattoo studio or tattoo parlor. As a group, tattoo artists have their own common identities which deviate from the mainstream. This deviant behavior or culture of tattoo artists is…show more content…
This argument could mostly come from the wrong perceptions imposed on the society by the media. As the media was perpetuating tattoo and tattoo artists as a negative stereotype for decades, some people stick with those negative perceptions the media make. The media commonly show tattoos and tattoo artists are highly connected to socially and legally defiant groups. This media focus is especially recognized when media broadcasting about tattooed criminals, gangs, and bikers. However, people as well as the media should be able to separate the tattooed person from the tattoo artist who tattooed the person. It is not the tattoo artist’s problem if a person with a tattoo involves in a crime or gets a tattoo that affiliates with a particular group. After analyzing a lot of articles and researches, Adams finds that “tattooing as a practice that is a mostly harmless expression of taste and fashion, rather than deviant affiliations” (112). Therefore, it strongly makes sense if people consider tattoo as a piece of artwork and tattoo artist as a professional artist. Consequently, if most people start accepting tattoo artists as an artist just like other kinds of artists, the stigma toward tattoo artists and associating tattoo artist with tattooed defiant group will be reduced or

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