Tata Business: The Challenges Of Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate social responsibility is defined as a business approach which plays a pivotal role in maintaining a sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders. A company can be ethical to a moderate extent as they need to ensure they are meeting the best interest of society in righteously delivering utilitarianism, justice and moral rights. This essay will examine arguments for and against social responsibility such as Sustainability, how businesses take care of the environment and ensure healthy living through implementing eco-friendly initiatives such as big businesses improving performance by using recycled renewable cups which limits plastic waste. This essay will also investigate how companies undertake various challenges which can have an effect on the economy and the world making it unjust such as exploiting children in workforces…show more content…
Sustainability is a crucial social responsibility as it is linked with the business and how they enact on making effective resources that are eco friendly and ensuring that the future generation will be able to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. The Tata Steel definition of sustainability is ‘an enduring and balanced approach to economic activity, environmental responsibility and societal benefit’. With the notion of sustainability widely promoted by governments, businesses, NGO’s and academia, it is clearly vital that society understand its full implications and evaluate business ethics practices at least according to their potential to contribute to sustainability. The Managing corporate citizenship and sustainability in the age of Globalisation second edition Andrew Crane Dirk Matten, portrays a reliable source on a Sustainability Report which was undertaken in 2005 studied on Nokia which describes the statement they made
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