Tartuffe By Moliere : A Comedy Of Morals

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Tartuffe by Molière is a comedy of morals that easily portrays character weakness, and a variety of their different viewpoints. The women in Tartuffe are characters not normal to the gender belief of the seventeenth century period in which the play was written, because they seem to be the only characters who can take action or take a stand for what they believe is best for themselves or other characters. Molière depicts the women in his play as unconventional in order to counteract the traditional portrayal of women in his time period. The women are constantly trying to prove to Orgon that Tartuffe is a hypocrite. Molière makes the men in the play seem more foolish, and the women look more reasonable, which makes them more unconventional to the normal seventeenth century belief. One way that Molière rationalizes women as the voices of reason is through Mariane’s lady-maid Dorine. Dorine is the most unconventional woman in the play because she is a maid. In the seventeenth century maids typically weren’t supposed to speak their minds. Dorine was wise and outspoken, she was not afraid...
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