Target SWOT Analysis: Target Strength Analysis Of Target

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Target Strength Analysis Target Corporation is a well-known retailer in the world. The company offers multiple products and services and to satisfy every needs of its consumers by offering these products in one destination. Secondly, the company provides their products and services by offering higher valuable products but with affordable prices in most locations within the United States and other countries. The company’s store has multiple divisions to satisfy and to differentiate the needs of its consumers. Other strength includes the store’s large square foot store with attractive design to create an excellent shopping experience for its consumers. Other strength includes strong retail chain distributions, employee diversity, and successful…show more content…
Target’s total store locations is currently one thousand, seven hundred and ninety nine and thirty eight distribution center located in United States and several locations in India. (PressRoomTarget) Walmart has more store locations within United States and across the country. So far, “Wal-Mart operates over eleven thousand retail unit under sixty five banners in twenty-eight countries.” (CorporateWalmart In addition to more locations, Walmart also has online business that can be a threat to Target. Another threat is the economic condition. Target’s target market consists of higher to middle income people. During hard economic condition, consumers are very unpredictable. Some consumer’s may be price sensitive due to these…show more content…
So far Target has stores located only in India. Target has stores mostly in major cities in United States; however, the company should expand its locations in other countries to maintain its American consumers and to attract new consumers. However, the company must make sure to provide extensive research for the new country’s economy, culture and diversity. The company must create a new marketing strategy for branding and positioning of its products to new consumers in other countries. It is important for Target to research the countries culture that would identify its needs and wants and possibly to prefer Target Corporation as its shopping destination. Secondly, the company must make sure to identify its competitor’s product differentiation and positioning to gain its consumers. “Successful marketing strategy depends on clear understanding of consumers with respect to who they are, what they need what they prefer and why they buy.” (Ferrell, Hartline, 2014) Evaluating and identifying its consumers needs and wants in other country will help Target become more successful within the marketing

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