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Approximately just one time in a tanning bed increases your risk for skin cancer by 67% and increases early basal carcinoma by 69% (Polsky, 2013 pg. 5). Cost to treat skin cancer can range from 250 million to 2.64 billion dollars every year (Polsky, 2013 pg. 5). The new trend in teens is that they want to look darker and more appealing to the eye, they believe the darker they look the “sexier” they are (Lostritto et al, 2012). Outdoor tanning is not any better, every time a person gets sunburnt it increases their risks dramatically for devolving skin cancer (Polsky, 2013 pg. 3). Exposure to small amounts of sunlight and in tanning beds at a young age increases the risk for skin cancer dramatically (Velazquez & Brewer, 2013). Researches have proven that the bulbs in tanning beds release ultraviolet radiation which is proven to causing multiple cancers of the skin (Lostritto et al, 2012). Many tanning bed companies advertise that tanning in tanning beds is considered “Safe” but research has proven that there is absolutely nothing safe about using tanning beds, they believe it is the worst possible thing women can do to their body (Rivera et al, 2013).
Multiple cancers can be cause from tanning, whether it is indoor tanning or outdoor tanning, both are dangerous. Tanning can cause non-melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma, invasive melanoma, and actinic keratosis (Polsky, 2013). Tanning can also cause complications such as lupus erythematous, rosacea, psoriasis, and atypical nevus (Lostritto et al, 2012). Actinic keratosis are premalignant lesions caused from long term sun damage. Squamous cell carcinomas appears on the top layer of skin, and are potentially metastatic (Ignatavicius & Workman, ...

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...ife it’s proven to give individuals age lines and wrinkles. Many women do not understand that 15 minutes in the tanning bed or sunbathing just tripled ones risk for cancer by 70% (Polsky, 2013). It’s absolutely scary to know that many women, go without any idea of how dangerous laying in a tanning bed or laying in the sunlight is. To know that only 5 minutes in a tanning bed is increasing ones risk for several types of skin cancer is astonishing (Polsky, 2013). Even tanning at a young age doubles if not triples ones risk for skin cancer (Velazquez & Brewer, 2013). A lot of women just need to be educated on the risks and prevention of skin cancers (Velazquez & Brewer 2013). Maybe if women are educated properly about tanning beds and sunbathing it will decrease, which will in turn decrease the incidence of skin cancers around the world (Velazquez & Brewer 2013).

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