Tania Bruguera Analysis

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Tania Bruguera is a performance, installation, and video artist. She was born and grew up in Havana Cuba; and she currently works in New York and Havana. Cuba has the toughest laws regarding freedom of expression. These laws are the reason Tania creates the works she does. Her goal is to attack the control the Cuban government has on communication of the people. She often encourages involvement from her audience. Tania explores outlets for the people of Cuba to express themselves without fear, and she pushed boundaries set by the government of the country she was born in.
To begin, it is necessary to understand the reality of the oppression happening in Cuba. The Cuban government constantly suppresses and terrorizes the independent artists
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It appears that she is not producing her artwork solely for a reaction or personal fame. Tania conveys real, passionate care for anyone suppressed by any type of higher power. Additionally, in another interview, Tania discusses education with Jeannette Petrik, a freelance researcher and writer. Petrik says, “I’d like to understand your take on education.” Bruguera explains, “I consider my work as an educational practice but not as didactic.” (Jeannette Petrik, 2016, Tania’s swift response mainly displays her goal of helping people learn, without any ulterior motive. Making this statement assures a genuine basis for her…show more content…
She creates pieces that allow others to face the fear of oppression and connect with themselves. Works such as Tatlin’s Whisper #6 (Havana Version) exercise that idea, and attempt to bring everyone together. Tania’s driving force is compassion and straightforwardness. She is not afraid of her oppressors and acts with nothing but courage. It may be established that Tania’s practice is successful, or even impactful. All the boundaries placed on Bruguera since birth have been faced with exceptional nerve. While frequently these restraints are still placed on her, she has developed into a powerful figure for others to look to for guidance. Tania Bruguera is understanding of tyranny, and she refuses to let it happen without some outcry. Her art directly opposes this mistreatment, and supports giving the power to the
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