Taming the Beast in Lord of the Flies

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In William Golding’s novel, Lord of the Flies, two broad character types are portrayed in Ralph and Jack, each of which represents man’s innate need for civility and the opposite, savagery. He also includes one character, Simon, who symbolizes natural goodness, a different kind of civility compared to Ralph. However, in our society we rarely see Ralphs or Jacks or Simons; these three “basic characters” are like the primary colours, they join together to form the many different personalities in the world. This applies to myself included, exemplified during times of animosity, leadership and virtue, when my actions mirror those of Golding’s archetype characters.

The character everyone most often associates with evil and savagery is Jack. From the beginning of the narrative, we see Jack’s most distinctive personality trait to be his aggressive lust for power. I admit to truth when I say that my own personality has a sinister side. There were times in my past, when I felt uncontrollable rage towards even my very best friends, to the point of violence. Much like Jack in the ...
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