Tall Tales from the Mekong Delta by Kate Braverman

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Tall Tales from the Mekong Delta by Kate Braverman Cocaine made her a schizophrenic. In Tall Tales from the Mekong Delta, Kate Braverman writes about a cocaine addicted mother going through drug and alcohol counseling and rehab. She is a creative writing teacher and gains inspiration from her drug trips. The teacher is referred to as "she" throughout the story and fights her addictions that manifest into a scrappy looking man named Lenny. Through the voice of addiction, the change in Lenny's appearance and the role of colors, it is evident that a physical dependence on mind altering drugs cannot be escaped. The role of a speaking conscience is prevalent in the human mind and influences evaluated decisions, but what happens when the voice says come back to drugs. The addiction has a mind of its own transcended by Lenny's voice. The addiction is alive and Lenny's voice begins to seduce her back to the self destructive lifestyle. "‘I've had my eye on you'" (90). The addiction is out to get her despite a five month sabbatical from drugs and after AA meetings to overcome the addiction to alcohol. Additionally, she quit smoking but the voice, Lenny, plants the seeds of relapse. His claim her tracks are beautiful allows him to slowly woo her back to her old lifestyle. Lenny gives her a chance to live out some fantasy life, her imagination runs wild with motorcycle rides and diamond necklaces. The life of a drug addict appears thrilling. Lenny reveals that he knows her new life and fans the flames of her crash back into drugs. "‘I know all about you. I know you routine. I been watching you for two weeks. Ever since I got to town'" (92). Lenny is omniscient and explains he follows her, a form of reconnaissance, alluding to war specifically Vietnam a subject often penned by creative writers. She finds herself at an AA meeting, arriving alone but soon is greeted by The Addiction holding coffee. The addiction is in love with her, wishes to marry her, have a child with her, and protect her. Since she is divorced he offers the companionship and love of a spouse a relationship she wishes for. Lenny, the addiction, wishes to take this role. More importantly, Lenny offers her creative writing inspiration, "‘Want to hear about R and R in Bangkok? Want to hear about what you get for a hundred bucks on the river?
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