Taliban Oppression

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Cunneen In 1996 the Taliban took over Afghanistan and immediately imposed their fundamentalist ideals on the citizens. They effectively did this by oppressive tactics maintaining control on their people. The Taliban, lead by spiritual leader Mohammed Omar, has used many different ways to oppress the nation of Afghanistan. One way they did was was by destroying ancient art structures that have became a huge part of their culture. These acts had a great effect on the people in Afghanistan stripped them of a very sacred symbol in their eyes. The Taliban oppression has left citizens scared and powerless. Before the Taliban took control in Afghanistan, there was a share of power between the political group leaders in Afghanistan. This was formed after the communist regime Najibullah had fallen in 1992. The Taliban’s first public appearance was in a heroic fashion. In “Afghanistan: The Taliban’s Rise To Power”, Alexandra Poolos wrote “a 30-truck convoy from Pakistan was nabbed by an Afghan warlord in southern Afghanistan. A small band of Taliban militants came to the rescue, freeing the...
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