Tales of French Revolt

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Tales of Revolt Kids, I’m going to be honest with you, I don’t have much time left on this earth. I will tell you a story that I want you to remember and to pass down to your kids someday. How you live this life is a result of a great action taken on by the people of France. What happened in those years are the results you see before you. I worked all my life to get where I am now and I am proud of that. That revolution, that change, the triumphs, and the bloodshed will never be forgotten. Was it all worth though? To me, a simple commoner, of Protestant faith, who made something of himself, I believe that the French Revolution was right in its justification and I supported the necessary changes that needed to be made to my country. I’ll take you back to the year 1789. I was working to bring money to the home. It was enough to feed and clothe, but if times were to get tough then we may have seen trouble. I had heard news from a friend of mine in the 3rd Estate of what was going on and how they created the National Assembly. I arrived in Paris on July 3, 1789. The next day I awoke to shouting and marching. The citizens were Storming the Bastille! I couldn’t believe they were doing it. I had my problems with the Kingdom, sure, but never did I think that I would be a part of something like that. It was exciting. While in Paris, news had come from the country side of the commoners revolting there too. That’s when the National Assembly issued “Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen”, however much to certain dismay of the people of France nothing great cam of it. Months passed and that’s when King Louis XVI started to fall and he fell hard. From what I knew he was captured in Versailles, escaped, but then was caught again. S... ... middle of paper ... ... That’s a story for another day though. There you have it young children. That’s what I wanted you to know. I wish I could have done more to bring about the change then to have just watched it unfold before my eyes. I only offered my opinion on matters and never acted on them. That is what I am truly sad about. I was afraid of the unknown and what would come of the revolution. Would I die? Would I lose everything? Those were the questions I had to ask. I supported with my heart and my mind. I what was right and what wrong. I knew how to help those that needed. I’m just one citizen so what could I have done? I believed in the justification of the revolution and the changes it brought to the nation of France. I’m happy to have seen it come and I’m happy to see it go. Thank you for listening to my story, I hope you will tell it for many years to come when I’m gone.
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