Tale of Genji

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Tale of Genji 1. The men expected the "hidden flower" to be from the upper class, however, middle class was acceptable. Being in the lower class was totally unacceptable. The woman must have flawless beauty, intelligence, faithfulness (even though this was hypocritical), and submission. Submissiveness is a wishy-washy characteristic because Genji was most attracted to those that rejected him and did not accept his advances as Murasaki and Aoi did. Genji wanted to mold the perfect woman or "hidden flower" out of Murasaki. She was hidden away and he kidnapped her to make her into who he wanted her to be. Genji seemed to enjoy the chase and challenges involved with women. He seemed to move from one woman to the next to boost his self esteem and solidify his image as a man. Each woman had admirable traits; however, each woman had very distinctable flaws to Genji, which discredited her from being the "perfect" woman. For example, Murasaki was very young and not submissive due to her immaturity. Aoi was very harsh and provided no chase for him because she already belong...

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